ENBYNYC specializes in skincare products to help support the unique changes that occur during gender transition and everyday life. We exist with YOU in mind. Not men. Not women. Just you and your healthiest skin.

About Our Founder

EST. 2020

Meet Pedro Santos

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Our Story

NYC Beginnings

Originating in Chelsea, our founder Pedro Santos began working as a personal trainer before ENBY was born. He noticed that many of his non-binary clients and friends struggled to find genderless skincare products. 

The Work Begins

Pedro got to work turning his idea into a reality by curating inclusive, natural, skincare products THAT WORK. He found they did amazingly well in combination with the hormonal fluctuations that occur during gender reassignment procedures.

Listen: Social Transitions

Join ENBY founder, Pedro Santos, on The Social Transitions podcast each week for conversations with leaders and humanitarians in the transgender community. We'll discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion (and much more) as it relates to trans folks just like you.


Endless skincare options for people like me.

I have been searching for an inclusive skincare company with a focus on nonbinary and trans beauty products for a while now.

Jay Lakes (she/they)

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The ENBY Standard



Many beauty and skincare products utilize emollients such as beeswax or pearl powder. Not ENBY. You will find absolutely no animal based ingredients in any of our products.

cruelty free

Cruelty Free

We take our ethical testing standards very seriously. That's why in addition to being vegan, you animal lovers can rest assure that we do not test on animals either.

chemical free

No Synthetic Chemicals

ENBY takes care not to use any synthetic chemicals in our products to ensure you are only using the most natural ingredients to support a healthy and natural you!