About Pedro

Pedro's story begins in the Dominican Republic, where he was raised by his grandparents. His cultural perspective growing up was colored by a very traditional "macho" and dominant masculine lens: vulnerability was weakness; homosexuality was wrong. Anything that deviated from that standard was unacceptable.

Through discipline, healing, and self reflection, Pedro worked to dismantle the trauma that was handed down to him. He also adopted valuable lessons from his family. Hard work, integrity, and respect were instilled in Pedro from his grandfather. His grandmother taught him about compassion, kindness, unity, equality, and sacrifice.

Into his adulthood, Pedro transformed those values and made them his own. He went on to learn more about philosophy and history. Along with his mind, he took charge of his body and reached his personal fitness goals. He delved into his past, took responsibility for his present, and committed to building a better future.

ENBY is part of Pedro's vision for that future.

As a personal trainer in Chelsea, NYC, he formed close relationships with clients -- clients who eventually turned into close friends. He found himself dismantled yet again as he met people from all walks of life, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. As the lines between male, female, gay, and straight blurred, so grew Pedro's empathy and compassion. Where he was once taught to see weakness, he now saw authenticity and tremendous strength.

Pedro began thinking and seeing the world and his eventual business differently. Before the products that we know and love came the values and vision of ENBYNYC:

  • Ethics
  • Collaborative Operation
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Radical Transparency
It is from this foundation that Pedro created ENBYNYC, a line of gender-neutral products that speaks to inclusivity, change, nourishment, and authenticity.