About Pedro

ENBYNYC was founded on the idea that everyone should have a solid community. Our founder, Pedro Santos, has had a life full of obstacles relating to feeling accepted and supported. These experiences have made him want to make sure everyone is accepted, no matter what 

As an adolescent Pedro didn’t understand who he was or where he belonged in the world. He felt lost in his identity, unsure of who to trust and how to act. Nevertheless, he recognized that he had inner strength. Even on his most challenging days, he managed to pull through. Within himself, he understood that there was something special, that he was born to make an impact in his own way. 

His most valuable characteristic, even as a child, was his empathy. But, his need to always place himself in the shoes of others resulted in self-isolation and feelings of unworthiness. He was lost in the world and had no one to confide in. As Pedro got older he began to realize that his perceived ‘weakness’ was the gateway to his courageousness. The emotional taxation of being able to feel the pain of others was how he understood people so well. Though this feature of his personality initially felt debilitating, it was the cornerstone of him building meaningful relationships. 

Through his ability to feel empathy he unlocked a part of himself that always looked out for the underdog. Empowering others became Pedro’s life mission. His work as a fitness coach allowed him to see how he could affect the lives of his clients and support them throughout their journeys. By working with people from all walks of life, specifically those of transgender and genderqueer experience, he learned about their struggles, pains, and passions. Many lacked a support system and struggled to know their place within the world.

The loneliness that came with being a young person who was working on these identity problems was something that Pedro was all too familiar with. He saw that people in the world were struggling because they did not fit the norm and he wanted to make a difference. He wondered how he could reach people with his message. 

That is when ENBYNYC was born. As a gender-affirming skincare line, we aim to create a space that gives our transgender, gender non-conforming friends a platform to express themselves openly and lovingly. ENBYNYC is not just a skincare brand, but the support system you never had. 

ENBYNYC wishes that there was a world without needless suffering. One where everyone felt accepted and loved. While we cannot change people we can happily create a community of individuals who uplift each other.