About Dr. Ginsberg

Dr. Brian Ginsberg is an NYC-based medical and cosmetic dermatologist with academic expertise in the care of transgender individuals.

He published the first study in the dermatology literature on the attitude and practices of transgender patients with regard to dermatologic concerns, and has since authored multiple papers about treating trans patients with respect to acne, aesthetics, and overall care. He has contributed chapters to textbooks, including authoring the dermatology section of the first LGBTQ medical text for healthcare providers. He has also been sought out by numerous online publications, including The Huffington Post, Healthline, Allure, and Oprah Magazine.

Dr. Ginsberg is a frequent speaker on the topic of transgender dermatology, and the first to speak about it at major conferences from the United States to Milan. He is a regular consultant to other providers as well as major corporations on issues pertaining to gender minority dermatologic care.