The Best MTF Transgender Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Finding the best facial hair removal method can not only be an important step in a transitioning MTF Woman's journey, but it can also be gender affirming for non binary and genderqueer people. 

Having control over your appearance can boost your confidence and self-esteem, something that everyone deserves to have! We will give you control to be your best self from the selection of facial hair removal methods we recommend beginning from the longest lasting techniques. 

Electrolysis: This procedure is becoming more popular as it’s currently the only hair removal method that the FDA considers to be a permanent solution after treatment. Electrolysis sends electric currents through fine needles into your skin to destroy each hair follicle and prevent new hair from growing.

Electrolysis has been shown to be effective with a variety of skin tones and hair types, making this treatment a great option for both AFAB and AMAB people.

Laser hair removal: LHR is currently the most common option for people seeking long-term hair removal. This technique sends lasers down the hair shaft to burn the hair follicle. Over time, the hair strands will become thinner, lighter in color, and more sparse.

Something to keep in mind is that laser hair removal is best suited for people with lighter skin tones and coarser hair.

Epilator: Epilators look similar to electric razors, but have a similar function to waxing. They pluck hairs out by the root as you drag the device along your skin. If you’re a fan of waxing, using an epilator can be a great way to avoid the hassle and mess of wax!

Waxing: Wax comes in either pre-made strips, a wax tub that you heat up, or you can also visit a professional aesthetician! Waxing may be painful, but it prevents razor bumps and lasts longer than shaving.

Hair removal cream: For people that aren’t a fan of shaving but want to avoid the pain of waxing, hair removal cream may be an option. The cream dissolves the hair strands, allowing them to be easily wiped away with a cloth. However, the smooth effect lasts about as long as shaving. 

Shaving: Of course everyone knows about shaving, but it’s still effective! It’s also important to remember that there are both manual and electric razors available.

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